How Are You Reaching NEW Customers?

Digital Marketing Services

Display Advertising

Advertise with dynamic digital creative strategy that catches the eye of your target market using static, animated, and interactive rich media display ads with choice ad placement at discounted media rates through the Trade Desk’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Real Time Bidding (RTB).

YouTube Advertising

Video has become the most dynamic and effective form of digital communication. As YouTube has become the second largest search engine to Google, it is a vital part of your marketing plan. Take your commercials to video with a YouTube TrueView ad campaign.

Mobile Advertising

Through display, search, and social campaigns, reaches your most highly connected target audiences with mobile optimized ads campaigns. Through use of geo-location, we can target your potential customers when they are on-the-go with a mobile optimized campaign.


Remarketing or Retargeting ads follow users once they leave your website. Although this tactic is very effective it, is often overused by advertisers. Using the Trade Desk, we are able to limit the frequency and timing of these ads – resulting in a much higher win rate.

Paid Search

Beat your competitors with a winning SEM strategy and convert potential customers as they search online for information on products like yours. Our Google and Bing Paid Search campaigns are built out on tested structure and are continually optimized and enhanced based on performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Help potential customers find your business online with search engine optimization. The Rhoads Group’s SEO technicians and writers will work with you to optimize your sites coding, content, and external community to help you rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Social Media Campaigns

Take your social media and content strategy to the next level and boost your interaction and conversion rates with a social media advertising campaign. Whether your goal is to raise Likes and Followers or to increase sales through inbound traffic our team can help.

Social Media Management

Maximize engagement with potential customers by bringing dynamic content to social media. A fully integrated approach to social content will help you capitalize on more conversions as you utilize custom social apps and keep an active conversation with your online community.

Content Marketing

Engage your consumer with well written content that is broken down and optimized for an enhanced user experience. Online content has become a critical part of online marketing as Google has shifted towards rewarding higher quality content with higher ranking.

Digital Advertising is a huge part of any marketing plan as it is allows you to boost your visits to desired promotional landing pages and increase your inbound traffic at an exponentially accelerated rate. At the Rhoads Group, we are your Digital Marketing partner, helping you create concise and targeted campaigns for search engine advertising, social media campaigns, remarketing, large scale digital media buys and providing the best SEO in Tampa. Using a Demand Side Platform (DSP) we run campaigns across multiple networks while linking data for targeting and remarketing, all while purchasing digital media at greatly discounted rates through partnerships with multiple digital ad exchange networks.

Cutting an advertising plan short after television, radio and print advertising is a surefire way to miss out on valuable impressions on your key demographics. Contrarily, cutting a digital marketing plan short after the creation of content and some organic optimization could leave large numbers of your target market unreached.

The Rhoads Group has been one of Tampa’s best SEO companies in Tampa for over 10 years. Take your Advertising Plan 360° with The Rhoads Group.

Engage Your Target Audience Where They Spend the Most Time with a Digital Marketing Strategy Customized to Your Business’s Specific Goals and the best SEO company in Tampa.


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