Creative Digital Strategy

At the Rhoads Group we utilize a 360° approach with our

creative by fusing our digital and traditional work into one cohesive campaign.

Digital. Done. Right.

Strategy driven messaging and concise result driven targeting

for rewarding impact on an exceedingly connected era.

The Rhoads Group Digital Analysis Process

1. Digital Brand Evaluation
2. Digital Tactic Summary & Recommendations
3. Strategy Collaboration & Planning
4. Campaign Launch & Growth
5. Analytics Review & Strategy Reevaluation
6. Optimization & Maximum ROI
At the Rhoads Group our digital process begins with a full internet marketing analysis to evaluate how your brand is stacking up on across the web on social media, review sites, and search engine rankings.

We also provide a summary and recommendations for the best Digital Media and Tactics as they relate to your brand, how they fit your budget, and how to they can be utilized to grow your business. We then work with you to define the best methods and strategy to reach your goals.

After your campaign has launched, we meticulously track and evaluate your campaign’s interaction, site traffic, and website conversions. We then revisit our tactics and strategy and optimize our tactics to reach maximum efficiency and grow your business with the highest attainable return on investment.

Analytics Driven Strategy

Our ROI Tracking helps define the true value of your advertising.


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